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Gros Paul

Le Moulin à Musique | Québec
in collaboration with the Ensemble contemporain de Montréal (ECM+)

Age :
Duration : 50 minutes
Venue :
Aux Écuries

November 18, 2012
 at 11 am

It all begins with a terrible racket: Petit Paul has just been born and will soon become fat, enormous, huge! A monster with an insatiable appetite! He gobbles up everything in his path: the computer, the house, his father and mother… A desperately lonely little ogre, Gros Paul goes to the media, demanding that they report on his condition, and exerts his power, clamouring for more, more, more, and right away! His aunt, Alphonsine of a Thousand Remedies, wants to save him, on the condition that Gros Paul promise to stop eating just for his own enjoyment. Will she manage to persuade this rebel?

Both funny and tragic, this hyper-modern tale by Anne-Marie Olivier grapples with greed and the uncontrolled desire to always have more, more and still more! An Ubuesque character, Gros Paul suffers from a severe case of consumeritis! Whether discordant or melodious, Michel Gonneville’s intense, pervasive music provides the rhythm and accompaniment for this decadent tale, which is a little bit about each one of us, insatiable consumers that we are. For aren’t we all a little bit like Gros Paul?

Artistic direction Marie-Hélène da Silva / Written by Anne-Marie Olivier / Music Michel Gonneville / Stage direction Michel-Maxime Legault / Musical direction Véronique Lacroix / Performed by Pierre-Étienne Rouillard, Flavie Gagnon, Nicolas Lessard and Allan Sutton/ Lighting design Mathieu Ferdais / Props Elen Ewing /   Logic programming Allan Sutton

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